March 11, 2018

Praying to Jesus who carries all our pain

Seven years have passed since the disastrous earthquake and the following tsunami broke out in the north west Japan on this day. We have never forgot the pain and the lost lives, and especially today we prayed Jesus that he may console all that are now suffering in the aftermath both mentally and physically, and he may release the souls captured spirits to come to his eternal kingdom. 

What is it to be a Christian?

- Philippians 1:1-7(1)


    We'd like to have some time to think about discipleship - to be a Christian.

Our English worship have either Christian or who are interested in Christianity, which is a great opportunity that the Christians may reflect on ourselves what we should be as Christians, as well as our friends may get some hint how it would be to have faith.

Today we reviewed what is written in the New Testament, who Paul is and what he did, before we should know at last what God did through him.

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