May God turn His face;

Turn our eyes to Jesus

The Old Testament is also based on the blessing by God.
In today's verses God commands to Aaron and his sons who are priests that they should bless the people. But now whoever believes in Jesus has been made priest as written in 1 Peter 2:9-10, and carry mission to bless others.
This blessing is not material wealth, or health, or safety. It is what we receive in relationship with God. It is exactly as written in 6:25 and 6:26 - "The LORD make His face shine on you" "The LORD turn His face toward you." Even the time of the Old Testament, that sinful men should die if they see the face of holy God, God turns His face to men, shine on them living in the darkness, pays attention to them, watches for them, that is the true blessing. As the result, we are kept and receive grace and peace.
This blessing is since Abraham that was made the source of blessing (Genesis 12:1-3) and has been shown in the relationship between God and His people. And this blessing is to be given in the name of God, independent of who prays. Indeed, today's verses show God's zeal to bless people.
As the praise of Response, we sang the song named "Turn our eyes to Jesus." Then we have truly face-to-face, eye-to-eye relationship with God.

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