January 14, 2018

"Paul, called to be an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God"


    Church of Corinth was one of the churches that Paul the Apostle loved so much. The church of Corinth was very active with many talented members, on the other hand, competitions often occurred among such people.

    Knowing that Paul wrote this letter, as long as through 16 chapters being continued to the second letter, so that they should stop demonstrating themselves and simply proclaim the gospel. The fact that the church of Corinth had so many problems is a blessing onto us in our churches today, because we can find our problems in those of Corinthians, each one of which is advised by Paul.


    Paul, knowing that the Corinthians are interested only in themselves, very frequently notices they have been called by God and they are in the grace of Jesus Christ.1:2 reminds the Corinthians, as well as us, of all those everywhere who call on the name of Jesus Christ.Not only the church of Corinth which is active and enthusiastic is under the grace of God. Even now in the world, the faithful are not only in peace and wealth. some are banned to gather at churches, some are in the midst of war, but God watches for anyone calling His name. And we must know the vision of God covers all over the world, above our love to our fatherlands.


    Our testimony about Christ is, after all, the gospel. Churches where the gospel is surely spoken will not be shaken,Human relationship or atmosphere are not the factor to sustain a church We should not be occupied things around us, or we could not accept with reality that Jesus should come soon.

Faith is not what we reach our hands to God and get, but what God reaches His hand to us and put.Totally through his grace(1:4) We cannot sanctify ourselves, but Christ keeps us holy until the day of the Lord.

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