Why, my soul, are you downcast?

Psalm 43:1-5

43:1 tells that we live with unfaithful people, who laugh at the faithful, as written in yesterday's verses, saying "Where is your God?" That reminds us of when Jesus was crucified; there people said to him "If you are a son of God, come down from there!" 

And that rather encourages us, because that tells us at the same time where we are rejected from others, where we suffer, where we lament, there is the cross of Jesus Christ.

In 43:2, the psalmist says "You are God my stronghold," that is how he wishes his God to be. But in reality, he asks "Why have you rejected me?" 

This conflict finds a solution in 43:3, that is asking God for the guidance.Then he is taken to the place where God dwells.That is to worship, and worship is our identity.

May we have always affinity to the place where we worship him. The people of Israel always prayed turning their eyes, reaching their hands to the temple of the LORD in Jerusalem. We also spend our daily life towards worship; we could even pray in the direction of where our church is located.Then our worship will be more blessed.

In 43:5,the psalmist encourages his own soul. Since Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit,it is he that encourages us and prays for us, he even groans in place of us(Romans 8:26). You are not encourage yourself any more.

But, as the psalmist commanded his own soul to put his hope in God, we must command our own souls to commit yourselves to the Holy Spirit.

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