November 12, 2017

Isaiah 35:1-10

  The kingdom ruled by the Messiah

    Flowers in the wilderness is not a work of men, or the nature, but the work of God. This wilderness might be the heart of each one, or the world nowadays. there God gives what Lebanon has (cedars),or Carmer(fruits), Sharon(fertile land).

    What are these graces for? For human content? No.In order to show His glory: so that others see His glory through any grace that His people should receive.

  To show the glory of God, it is the meaning of our life. John Calvin, one of the leaders of the Christian reformation, wished to show the glory of God through his life, to the very last second.


    35:3 tells "Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way" to us. Our hands would go feeble, our knees would give way when we are in despair. We must stand up from there by our own decision. This decision should based on knowing God that comes to save us.

   The same encouraging message is seen in Hebrew 12:12-13.Whenever Jesus healed people, he commanded them to get up and walk, instead of pulling their hands to raise. Who listened to his word and obeyed him was released.


    35:4 is the message to those who with fearful hearts, namely, ordinary people who are anxious about the world now, including the disciples of Jesus, Jesus says to them, "do not disturb yourself," in e.g. John 14:1, 16:33.


    35:5-6 The eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf are opened, the lame leap. the mute shout for joy.All is the work of Messiah, and just as what Jesus told to John the Baptist, who asked to him if he is really the Messiah.

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